Hear it straight from the Boneyard Hunters!

We like to talk about ourselves, but it just sounds better coming from them.

We're Coming Back!

Payton E. from Maryland

"This was my first experience on a guided hunt for big whitetail deer. I was concerned that we may be placed on properties that were previously hard hunted. This was not the case since we all saw good numbers of deer during daylight hours, even when a warm spell slowed rut intensity during our week. Among these deer were regular sightings of large trophy class bucks. This is a testament to how important outfitter pre-season scouting is. The Boneyard Outfitters did a great job for us during a poor weather hunting week! We re-booked with Boneyard Outfitters for next season's trip while driving home from our hunt!""

The Midwest's Best

Don Dziedzina, Illinois Outdoors TV

I've enjoyed the experience of hunting with the Boneyard Outfitters. The properties that they hunt are the best not only in Illinois, but also the Midwest. Their southern hospitality cannot be beat."

Whatever It Takes

Rob F. from Maryland

I want to thank the guys at Boneyard Outfitters for their hard work and persistance to put me on big deer. I saw at least 6 bucks over 150", and it was the best big buck hunt I've been on to date. These guys will do whatever they can to make sure you have a great hunt, they really went out of their way for me. I'll definitely be back next year. Thank you guys."

One Week. One-hundred Deer Spotted. One Buck Harvested.

Tom G.

I wanted to thank you for the incredible week of hunting I enjoyed with the Boneyard Outfitters. I was thrilled to have seen well over a hundred deer in those 7 days of hunting. Amazingly 41 of those deer were buck. ratio allowed me to feel comfortable passing by lesser buck and holding out for the mature buck I harested on the last day of my hunt. Thanks again and I'll look forward to next year."

It's Like Being on the Hunting Channel

Walter B. from New York (One of the NYPD's finest)

This was my first hunt with an outfitter. I was a little skeptical being an amature archer, but I was amazed at the selection of properties to hunt and the amount of giant trophy buck I saw on my trip. An awesome hunt and I will be back next year!

P.S. It was like being on the hunting channel. I've never seen bigger bucks in my 25 years of deer hunting."